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Important Things On The Volleyball Origin

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Stem (Blocking) is the movement of one or a few players who are near net / forward (Aip Syarifuddin, 1997: 58). Aim to cover or stem the arrival of the ball from the opponent’s court, the way by holding both hands up to the right height higher net from the edge or lip. During the blocking attention should continue to the ball, the position of the ball and Smasher eye of the Smasher. Contents volleyball history origin of volleyball game. To adjust the direction of the smash on volleyball game, it is necessary to conduct a step or a step to the left or to the right with the intention that at any time can jump up to do the blocking.

Passing on a ball control techniques are important things on the volleyball origin. Passing the ball is present or can be defined by using a finger to pass the ball to the opponent’s hand or directly into the opponent’s field, in addition to passing on the good it will affect in the game but this is more pronounced in high-level games than the contents history origin . Passing the time doing some things to consider volleyball game, such as those developed by Engkos Kosasih as follows:

Concentration to make passing on. Practice and adjust to the ball. Watch and learn where to put the volleyball game right place. Know the other side of the weak position (Engkos Kosasih, 1985: 109). Some ways of doing passing on the parmainan volleyball, among others:

  • Place the body under the ball.
  • Both legs open, knees bent, so that the position of the body is in a state of half-squat.
  • The elbow is bent, stretched middle fingers and lies in front of the forehead.
  • Attitudes hands like a bowl.
  • The views to the direction of the ball.
  • At the time the ball comes, the ball is driven with fingers, hands the ball perkenaan namely the first and second finger to the little finger, while the thumb is only the first segment.
  • To assist the movement of the fingers, wrists moved towards the front of the top.
  • After the ball loose from the hands, followed by the movement of the limbs and move the leg forward to maintain balance (Edi Suparman, 1994: 91).

There are some expert opinion about passing on to contents history origin : Theo Khelmen and Dleler Kruber (1990: 40) states: by passing over the wall in a row it will be able to improve the ability to direct the ball. Bonnie Robisson (1991: 44-46) says one player must deepen the arm strength to drive the ball to the wall with a distance between 90-12 cm from the wall or walls. In this study determined the distance a person who would do passing on to the wall as the implementation of the activities is 120 cm, it is based on the trial.

Volleyball game field, rectangular with a length of 18 m and a width of 9 m, all field boundary, the center line, the line of attack is 3 m area (front area). The Contents history origin was marked using the boundary rope, wood, paint / chalk, paper width is not more than 5 cm. volleyball game field is divided into two equal parts, each 9 x 9 meter wide. In the middle of the field is limited midline that divides the field into two equal parts. Each field consists of the area of The area of attack which is the area bounded by the center line of the field to the line of attack of 9 x 3 meters wide.

Regional service area is 9 meters wide behind each contents history origin. The area is bounded by two short line along 15 cm made 20 cm behind the end line, an extension of the side lines. The two shorter lines are already included in the service area boundary, the extension service is a backward area to the limits of free area based on the information volleyball history.

Nets for volleyball games typically no more than 9.50 meters and width no more than 1.00 meters with patches or mesh size 10 x 10 cm, height 2.43 meters net for men and 2.24 meters for women , the top edge there is a white band width 5 cm. In the game of volleyball games that are nationally and internationally, in addition to net mounted above the rod or rod protruding upward as high as 80 cm from the edge of the net or contents history origin. The cane is made of material Fiberglas 180 cm in length with a given volleyball game. Read all contents history origin of volleyball game. That’s it important things on the volleyball origin.

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